In the worlds natural cycle someone’s waste becomes someone else’s lifeline. Something useless becomes priceless when relocated and a problem somewhere becomes an opportunity elsewhere. Our job at EFO is not only finding these possible fuels – it’s also about making the chain of logistic work and to create synergies for our owners – eight energy concerns all over Sweden. 

EFO is one of Sweden’s major players in finding, securing and relocating mainly bio-fuels and recyclable fuels – all over the world.

Our main focus is meeting our owner’s demands for sustainability, traceable ethical procurement and to secure a stable flow of fuels. We are able to meet these demands through a unique know-how, an extensive experience, a wide global network and a great deal of ingenuity.

This not only creates a stabile flow of energy to our owners – it also frees energy in our owner’s own processes and lets them stay focused doing what they do best.

Welcome to EFO – Relocating Energy!