Seven of Sweden’s major municipally owned energy companies own EFO AB:  Sundsvall Energi, Mälarenergi, Söderenergi, Södertörns fjärrvärme, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö and Tekniska verken in Linköping.

On their behalf, EFO AB buys fuels used in their heating or heating and power plants. These seven energy companies provide district heating, cooling and electricity to approximately 2.5 million people as well as to a large industrial sector.

Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö AB

Eskilstuna Energy & Environment established in 1993 is a municipal company responsible for the the distribution and the selling of electricity, district heating and cooling, water, sewage, waste handling and IT communications in Eskilstuna.

Eskilstuna Energy & Environment has 413 employees. With the objective of obtaining cleaner and more effective processes and a better customer service, Eskilstuna Energy & Environment has made large scaleinvestments in technology development, in an effective production and handling in harmony with the environment.

Energyproduction is carried out in our central installation in the Aquarius district where the heating plant in the year 2000 was
supplemented by a Combined Heat and Power Plant in which we produce both electricity and heat. It was the first installation using the new Powerformer high voltage technology in a large scale. The production is based on biomass and the main fuel is wood chips. Thermal energy is also extracted from waste water using heatpumps, oil boilers are used for peak loads. Apart from the production in the Combined Heat and Power Plant, district heating is also produced in six other installations.


Mälarenergi AB

Mälarenergi är ett av Västerås stad helägt bolag som arbetar med el, värme, vatten, kyla och bredband. Vi är ca 550 anställda om har en omsättning på ca 3 miljarder kronor. Mälarenergi verkar i ett flertal kommuner i Västmanland, förutom Västerås finns vi också i Hallstahammar, Kungsör, Köping och Arboga. Mälarenergi är en av landets största fjärrvärmeleverantörer och har levererat värme i Västerås sedan 1954, idag är fjärrvärmen väl utbyggd i Västerås och bidrar till den goda miljön.

Den huvudsakliga produktionen av fjärrvärme sker vid kraftvärmeverket i Västerås, där också en hel del el produceras. I anläggningen eldas i dag i huvudsak biobränslen, torv och en mindre mängd kol. I framtiden planerar vi också för att kunna elda avfallsbränslen, allt för att åstadkomma minsta möjliga miljöpåverkan och med konkurrenskraftiga priser. Kraftvärmeverket är beläget i Västerås hamn och har därför goda förutsättningar för såväl bil, tåg som båttransporter. Totalt omvandlar vi ett normalt år närmare 3 000 GWh bränslen till el och värme och en mindre mängd kyla.


Jönköping Energi AB

Jönköping Energi is owned by the municipality of Jönköping and offers the region's customers competitive and green energy and communications solutions via an efficient and well-developed infrastructure. Our annual turnover is approximately SEK 1.2 billion and we are about 250 employees. Our aim is to be close, easy and sustainable, both in collaboration with our customers and with each other.

Large parts of Jönköping and Huskvarna with neighboring parishes are covered by our district heating network, which was established in the beginning of the 1980’s and today has a total grid length of about 400 km. We currently deliver about 750 GWh of district heating per year. Since 2006 the main fuel is waste treated in CHP Torsvik. In addition, processed biofuels, heat pumps and oil are used. In order to meet an increasing demand of district heating with renewable energy, a biofuel-fired CHP plant is now erected next to the existing plant. In year 2015, a full 90% of our heat demand will be satisfied with heating produced by waste and biomass in the two plants.


Sundsvall Energi AB

Sundsvall Energi is a local energy company owned by the municipally of Sundsvall and located in the middle of Sweden.

We produce, distribute and sell district heating and electricity, district cooling, energy services and waste management.

Our aim and driving force for our activities is to be good for the environment and good for the people of Sundsvall and to contribute to the continued development of the Sundsvall region.

We want tobe the local alternative on the energy market!

The primary production of district heating and power takes place at Korstaverket in Sundsvall. From Korstaverket we supply district heating to 80.000 Sundsvall residents in homes, schools, hospitals, business premises and offices.

Every year the plant produces around 60.000 MWh power and around 650.000 MWh district heating.


Söderenergi AB

Söderenergi produces district heating for some 300 000 individuals, offices and industries in the southern part of Greater Stockholm, and enough electricity to power 100,000 homes.

Söderenergi employ 140 people. Our largest plants are the Igelsta plant and the Igelsta combined heating and power plant in Södertälje, as well as the Fittja plant in Botkyrka. We also have two reserve plants at Geneta boiler plant and Huddinge maskincentral. Most of our production is sold and delivered by Telge Nät in Södertälje and Nykvarn, and by Södertörn’s Fjärrvärme in Huddinge, Botkyrka and Salem. We also supply heating to Fortum AB in Stockholm.

Söderenergi is owned by the municipalities of Södertälje, Botkyrka and Huddinge.


Södertörns Fjärrvärme AB

Södertörns Fjärrvärme is a local energy company owned by the municipally owned Södertörns Energi AB. Across the business we work for a sustainable energy and environmental system.

Our main product is district heating delivered to 50,000 businesses and households in the municipalities of Botkyrka, Huddinge and Salem. The district heating is produced almost exclusively from renewable and environmentally friendly fuels. 

As a complement to district heating, we offer our customers various service agreements. These range from simple agreements to more complex customized service agreements. We value long term customer relationship and complements it with a genuine local presence.


Tekniska verken i Linköping AB

Tekniska verken is an integral part of everyday life for our 260,000 private and business customers. Every hour of every day of the year we provide services that make life easier. They include electricity, lighting, water, district heating, district cooling, waste management, broadband, biogas, efficient energy solutions as well as electricity trading. It is our vision to build the world´s most resource-efficient region and together with our customers we are on the way.

Tekniska verken is owned by Linköping municipality, employing around 900 people and with a turnover of SEK M 5,000.