Our model


So why are we in this business? What is our purpose in relocating energy? The answer is as simple as complex; it’s both to make a matter and to fill a need. But is it really possible to do both?


Educating, facilitating and operating

When EFO was founded some 45 years ago, the need to assure a constant, never ending flow of energy to feed our partners boilers forced the logistic team to go abroad to source the energy needed. Sweden had made a decision to build district heating systems to provide heat and energy in almost every city cross the country and as temperatures often went way past 0 during fall and winter, we had to make sure people could stay warm, and as our own flow of waste material wasn’t enough, we had to get it elsewhere.

Since those days, the world and our way of living has changed rapidly. Both the global consumption and thus the generation of waste increases for each year and in many countries, waste is a growing matter to attend and to deal with; both from an environmentally point of view as well as from a social point of view. Matters of what we shall do with the waste that we in some countries are not able to recycle are becoming a larger part of the public debate. The matter also attracts organized crime who offers local store owners and companies to deal with getting rid of waste, and who then dumps waste in nature where it quickly becomes a hazard for people living in and of the land, with illness and economic issues to follow.

Local problems that quickly turns into a global issue.

At the same time the need for environmentally friendly ways of producing energy in Sweden grows – and as we have our network of district heaters, we are able to handle and convert problems into solutions. A true win-win situation, you might say.

But our assignment doesn’t stop there, because as we learned a lot how to handle waste during the years – we believe it is in our mission also to share our findings to learn how to minimize waste and to recycle more.

In our purpose we have three main goals, for how to contribute in closing the loop:


We pledge to share and connect knowledge, people and facts to keep the matter of waste high on the agenda.


We urge and encourage our partners waste to be minimized and recycling to be increased.


We strive to organize, handle and transport waste only using existing and imbalanced freight ways.

What we offer our partners


We like to describe ourselves as change-makers in the world’s energy cycle. The ones closing the loop.
In this work, addressing security issues is a great part. 


In the business of fuel procurement, measuring the specific performance of every individual fuel is one key factor. Because every shipment varies from one another.


Both our owners and suppliers are a part of the EFO community, where sharing and exchanging information both makes us stronger individually and as a group. 

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In 2019, we co-founded The Responsible Shipping Initiative together with some of Sweden´s largest charterers of dry cargo vessels; Södra Skogsägarna, Lantmännen, and Stockholm Exergi. The purpose is to secure the quality, increase the standard of the vessels and working conditions onboard the large number of ships that daily sail in the Baltic sea, carrying goods to our members. Through our initiative, we can improve standards and share all the information we gain through our own collective audits and inspections, that we carry out.