We are closing the loop

In our global society, waste is constantly being generated. And as the consumption increases, so does the waste. The question we at EFO try to master is how to take care of the waste being generated and how we can turn it into fuel heating homes and generating electricity. On a global basis that is. Because waste really is a global matter – not a local matter. 


At EFO, our focus is not only finding and relocating these possible fuels – it’s also about taking responsibility in making the chain of logistic work and to create synergies for our owners – some of Sweden’s largest district heating producers.


Welcome to EFO – we’ve been relocating energy worldwide since 1975.


About EFO

EFO is one of Sweden’s major players in finding, securing and relocating mainly bio-fuels and recyclable fuels – all over the world. Our main focus is meeting our owner’s demands for sustainability, traceable ethical procurement and to secure a stable flow of fuels. We are able to meet these demands through unique know-how, extensive experience, a wide global network and a great deal of ingenuity.


For suppliers

We are constantly looking for new opportunities when it comes to sustainable relocation of energy. As we take advantage  the never ending imbalance in the worlds logistic chains, we can relocate waste from most parts of Europe. If you are a supplier of fuels and want to know more about our core values surrounding sustainability, traceability, and ethical procurement, and what types of demands we have set up for our different fuel sources, read more here.


Join our community

All partners in EFO; both owners and suppliers are a part of the EFO community, where sharing and exchanging information both makes us stronger individually and as a group. Thanks to our solid network, we are able to quickly adopt and adapt and thus not only improving the everyday business but also affecting the market surrounding us. 


Career openings 

At EFO we want to give you as an employee the chance to share your valuable energy with others, and grow together with your peers. With us, you will play an important part in building a sustainable and circular energy flow for Sweden's homes and businesses. We are the ones closing the loop.