Closing the loop


The circular “take-make-consume-reuse-recycle-recover” economy implies that we recover the materials and energy from discarded products. When a product reaches the end of its life, materials and energy are kept within the economy, so that they can be used again and again, thereby creating further value.

The relocation of waste


Our model

In Sweden, we are lucky to have a wide network of district heating systems in almost every city. In CHP plants, we can incinerate residual waste to create heat and power, which not only gives us an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat our homes – it also helps us to deal with the problem of growing landfills. For sure, we also use a lot of renewable energy sources to create power and heat i.e. solar power, wind power and water power, but that doesn’t cover our needs during long and cold winters.


We are here for the sake of our owners – some of Swedens largest district heating producers and at EFO, we make a lot of effort in building a business model that both benefits our owners and partners, with a model based on our three core values; Security, Performance and Community.


At EFO we like to describe ourselves as change-makers in the world’s energy cycle. The ones closing the loop. In this work, addressing security issues is a great part. Over the years – in partnership with both our owners and suppliers – we have developed a solid process for both securing the quality and the traceability of the bio-fuels we take care of, as well as making the everyday operations safe for anyone involved. 


One example of this is the Responsible Shipping Initiative, (RSI), which we co-founded in 2019. In this joint venture with some of Sweden’s major importing and exporting companies, we closely monitor, report and share information amongst us, helping raise the standards on the many shipping companies that enter the Baltic Sea every day. 


All of this, combined with maintaining a high standard of integrity in every part of the business, reflects the business that we do at EFO.



In the business of fuel procurement, measuring the specific performance of every individual fuel is one key factor. Not only generally speaking. Because every shipment varies from each other. At EFO, we closely measure, monitor and help our owners plan for the best possible energy outcome out of every relocated fuel batch. That is not only good for the economy – it is also good for the environment. 


But ensuring good performance is about much more than this. Transparency in every part of the process, optimizing the day-to-day logistics and enabling synergies where they are relevant is also a great part of what we do at EFO. 


But if you have to sort out the single most important part in building performance for our owners, it probably is the fact that we act and stand strong together. Thanks to our business model, we are able to make higher demands and to reach further. At the end of the day, this not only keeps costs to a low but also qualities to a high.



All partners in EFO; both owners and suppliers are a part of the EFO community, where sharing and exchanging information both makes us stronger individually and as a group. 


Thanks to our solid network, we are able to quickly adopt and adapt and thus not only improving the everyday business but also affecting the market surrounding us. 


This helps us reach a higher level of stability and helps all our hard-working employees widen their insights. Important for Sweden, as Sweden is completely dependent on importing residual waste – and important for all partners in our network, as it creates value for anyone in it. 


Welcome to be a part of – and furthermore to contribute – in our community.