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Profiles & Storage

Every waste type has its own profile in how and in which amount it is being generated throughout a yearly cycle. Our need in Sweden for fuel also varies over a yearly cycle because the need for more heat and electricity is bigger during the cold months.


So in some cases, the need for fuel and the need to handle waste doesn’t always match. To tackle these imbalances, we at EFO have built up a large storing capacity at all our sites, enabling us to match different types of fuels certain profiles. Also, thanks to our network of partners and owners, we are able to balance the inflow of waste and relocate it among us in our group, using waste as fuel where it is needed the most for the moment.

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RDF Profile

RDF ­– Refuse-derived fuel, is constantly being generated all-year around, as it consists of multiple wastes such a commercial- and industrial waste. Peak seasons for RDF is often around bigger holidays such as Christmas, where people tend to generate more waste.


RWW Profile

RWW ­­– Recycled waste wood – which consists of demolition material and material being generated from construction is only generated during the time of year when construction takes place. Also, with peak seasons during vacations, where homeowners tend to spend more time remodeling their homes.

FWR Profile

FWR ­­– Forest Wood Residue – is generated as a byproduct from timber harvesting and could also be referred to as biomass. It mainly consists of wood chips, smaller branches, twigs and leaves and plants.  

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