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Our team

Our headquarter is located in the heart of Stockholm and our team of sourcing managers, logistic managers, and technical auditors continuously scan the market and source fuels for our owners. You can find all relevant contact details below.

Our team 1


We are constantly looking out for talents wanting to contribute to developing and changing the industry of waste management. At EFO, we offer an open, inclusive, and challenging working environment within both fuel procurement and logistics and within our community of partners, great opportunities emerge regularly.


If you believe that you or someone you know is ready to contribute to our quest for more sustainable waste management, please let us know.



The  logistics  team

The logistic team at EFO is the heart of our business as how to transport the waste from one point to another is a crucial part of the case. At EFO the logistic team plans and coordinates the supply, and our main goal is never to use primary logistics. Instead, we take advantage of the imbalance in the constant flow of logistics and fill it with what we call fuel. This is a key part of EFOs business model, enabling us to relocate energy at a good benefit for both our owners and for the global loop of waste and energy.


The  fuel  team

The fuel team at EFO consists of an experienced group of people that spend most of their time to evaluate possible fuels to source. The strategy is both fairly simple and at the same time quite complex. Simple in the sense that our goal is to secure the right amount of good quality fuel and complex in the sense that a possible fuel has to have a green light in a lot of different meanings to fit our standards.

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