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In the business of fuel procurement, measuring the specific performance of every individual fuel is one key factor. Not only generally speaking. Because every shipment varies from the other.

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At EFO, we closely measure, monitor and help our owners plan for the best possible energy outcome out of every relocated fuel batch. That is not only good for the economy – it is also good for the environment. 


But ensuring good performance is about much more than this. Transparency in every part of the process, optimizing the day-to-day logistics and enabling synergies where they are relevant is also a great part of what we do at EFO. 


But if you must sort out the single most important part in building performance for our owners, it probably is the fact that we act and stand strong together. Thanks to our business model, we are able to make higher demands and to reach further. At the end of the day, this not only keeps costs to a low but also qualities to a high.

How EFO creates sustainable profitability

1. Leverage our information

In every deal signed, we learn something new. About the region, country and its market. As we sign new deals, in many different countries every week, we gather valuable information which we carefully evaluate and analyze. This per se gives us an advantage in knowing all valuable data there is to know and gives us the opportunity to look at possible deals from more than one perspective.

2. Transparency

Our model of transparency prevents undesirable competition among our partners, and we greatly value full transparency through the entire value chain.

3. Logistics 2.0

To find a tenable logistic solution when relocating waste to use as fuel is in most cases a prerequisite. Also – when finding a tenable logistic solution somewhere, itself is often an enabler to find waste – as waste is found everywhere. So, when EFO’s Logistic Team scans the market for possibilities, logistics and “good” waste is equally important.


As primary logistics are costly, we only use imbalanced freight ways, i.e. using empty return freight ways and fill it with waste. Mainly transportation via sea and railway are being used.

4. Negotiation strength

Through the strength in our community, we are considered a more important part thus giving us an advantage regarding both volumes and price.

5. Synergies

All the above creates synergies regarding both logistics details and general information.

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