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Closing the loop 

A proportion of the waste that our society generates every day, can be reused or recycled into new products, and that is no doubt the best way to handle waste; to let it back into the circular economy.

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tenable service  from EFO

A lot of the waste that is constantly being generated can be used again, and again. That’s what we call recycling. But still, a large part of the waste that’s being generated, isn’t suitable for recycling and - in many cases - has to be buried in massive landfills. What we strive for, is to educate producers to sort this type of waste more thoroughly, to take care of the waste that still is possible to use as fuel.
What we do every day - and have been doing for the last couple of decades, is taking an active part in the global loop of production and waste. Over the years, we have gained a lot of knowledge, which we gladly share in our network of partners and suppliers both in order to reduce the waste that ends up on landfills and as efficient as possible, turn suitable waste into electricity and heat homes in Sweden. Now that’s quite a contradiction, one might think; both wanting to take on as much waste as possible, and at the same time learn the supplier how to reduce the amount of waste being delivered. At EFO, we believe that if we work together towards the goal of both reducing landfills and creating a tenable flow of energy, we are all winners. 


The  relocation  of waste

Around our world, waste is becoming an increasingly big problem. It fills our ground, it pollutes or water and skies, and it spreads diseases. This is a global problem, and by our model and vision, we want to close the loop on toxic waste and turn this around – and create energy that is essential for our common future. Together with our partners, we make around 350 shipments yearly, relocating more than 800 000 tonnes of fuel.

EFO’s model of relocating waste and turning it into energy, via the imbalance in the constant flow of logistics, allows us to both take on and both store waste turning it into energy.

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