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The EFO Group

We like to describe ourselves as change-makers in the world’s energy cycle. The ones closing the loop. Our owners are all part of the EFO community, where sharing and exchanging information both makes us stronger individually and as a group. 

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Halmstad Energi & Miljö

We supply electricity to your coffee maker 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and take care of it after it has brewed its last cup. Our employees are everyday heroes. We at HEM provide over 45,000 customers in Halmstad with various services in waste management and energy. We have been around for a long time, but in our current constellation since November 1, 2006. We are approximately 260 employees and are made up of four business areas and a management function. Learn more at


We supply electricity, heating, cooling and city networks to 55,000 customers. We make sure that you can brew a cup of coffee, stream the latest film and that the lampposts show the way during dark autumn walks. It is easy to be a customer with us, we are close to you and contribute to a sustainable society. We are proud to work with energy and climate issues, and together with you as a customer are a good force for Jönköping. Read more at


We produce district heating for about 300 000 people, offices and industries in the Stockholm region, around the clock, all year. In our plant we also produce an amount of electricity equivalent to the use in 100 000 households. It is sold directly to the Nordic power exchange. In one year we transform One million tons of waste to energy. Half of it is shipped to us in our Södertälje harbor. The production takes place in our three different plants – Igelsta power heating plant, Igelsta district heating plant, and the Fittja plant. Learn more at

ENA Energi

ENA Energi supplies large parts of Enköping with district heating and we are driven by three core values ​​– Heat, Nearness, and Environment. The company was founded in 1972 and since the 1990's we have produced electricity and heat almost exclusively with biofuel, which provides residents and entrepreneurs in Enköping with a secure supply of energy. Read more at

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