We are closing the loop

In the world's natural cycle someone’s waste becomes someone else’s lifeline. Something useless becomes priceless when relocated and a problem somewhere becomes an opportunity elsewhere. Our job at EFO is not only finding these possible fuels – it’s also about making the chain of logistic work and to create synergies for our owners – some of Swedens largest district heating producers.

About EFO

EFO is one of Sweden’s major players in finding, securing and relocating mainly bio-fuels and recyclable fuels – all over the world. Our main focus is meeting our owner’s demands for sustainability, traceable ethical procurement and to secure a stable flow of fuels. We are able to meet these demands through unique know-how, extensive experience, a wide global network and a great deal of ingenuity.



We like to describe ourselves as change-makers in the world’s energy cycle. The ones closing the loop.
In this work, addressing security issues is a great part. 


In the business of fuel procurement, measuring the specific performance of every individual fuel is one key factor. Because every shipment varies from one another.


Both our owners and suppliers are a part of the EFO community, where sharing and exchanging information both makes us stronger individually and as a group.