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ENA Energi
Tons incinerated yearly:

RWW 90 000 tons


Halmstad Energi

Tons incinerated yearly:
RDF 160 000 tons

FWR 100 000 tons


Jönköping Energi

Tons incinerated yearly:
RDF 160 000 tons

FWR 120 000 tons

Sundsvall Energi
Tons incinerated yearly:

RDF 160 000 tons


Tons incinerated yearly:

SRF 160 000 tons

RWW 500 000 tons

FWR 250 000 tons


Tons incinerated yearly:
RDF 400 000 tons

RWW 250 000 tons

FWR 250 000 tons

Recovered products

Listed below are the different types of fuels used at our sites.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

Refuse-derived fuel pellets, or energy pellets, can be produced from these cleaned and sorted recycled materials after further processing.

Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

Solid Recovered Fuel is made up of dry, non-hazardous waste which can be recovered through incineration on municipal sites or on high capacity industrial plants. There are about currently about 100 SRF producers around Europe at the time, many of them located in France. SRF consumption is high in a number of European countries including England, the Netherlands, and Germany, and the industrial demand for SRF is increasing.

Waste Wood (RWW)

Recycled wood is obtained from the construction or demolition of buildings, as well as from scrapped pallets and furniture. The wood collected for recycling is crushed, screened to be sure it cannot be used in any other recycling process, and then cleaned from rock, sand, bricks, metals, and other contaminating substances. Further processing can result in wood pellets.

Forest Wood Residue (FWR)

Forest Wood Residue is made from materials collected directly from forests. Forest management results in dead or decaying stems and trees that have been thinned out. Logging activities provide residue from slash consisting of harvesting residues such as branches, treetops, tree bark, and tree stumps. Waste fractions from sawmills and even whole logs that do not meet the requirements of either the pulp or the lumber industries are also collected.

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