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Jönköping Energi
1400 TON

Halmstad Energi
25 TON

1400 TON

3220 TON

Sundsvall Energi
550 TON

ENA Energi
580 TON

Requirements for recovery

Full transparency is key, when we take on waste. And it goes both ways. We need to know everything about the certain waste type; where it came from originally and how it has been produced and handled – as well as we also need to be able to show full transparency to our partners. This work is carried out in an integrity due diligence, which we perform whenever a new possibility to relocate waste emerges.


To take on such a responsibility, to relocate waste from one point to another, demands us not only to be in total control what the waste consists of, but also knowing the full chain looking back on where the waste originally came from.


We follow a strict protocol to achieve total control for each fuel type. Read more about our requirement for the different fuel types below.

SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) is a refined waste, mostly consisting of plastic, paper, and wood.  It has to be well processed to be <100mm in size, free from metal and Chlorinated plastics. It can be made from source-segregated waste, not for our purposes from residual household black bag waste that has been processed. This is supplied to us in square or rectangular bales with plastic ties, that are well-wrapped. Bale presentation and quality is crucial for shipping.


RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) is a less refined fuel, consisting mostly of mixed residual municipal or industrial/commercial waste.  The waste needs to be processed <300mm, large pieces of metal removed, screening is preferable to reduce organic waste and therefore odour. Crucial on quality for RDF is bale (square) presentation, low odour and glass. This is supplied to us in square/rectangular or round bales with plastic ties, that are well-wrapped. Bale presentation and quality is crucial for shipping.


RWW (Recycled Waste Wood) is a refined product made from household, Industrial, and commercial waste wood materials, such as pallets and furniture.  The waste is processed to be <100mm, free from metal and other non-wood material, with the fines (<5.6mm) removed.  The chipped wood is delivered to us loose in bulk shipments.

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